"First, 2fast4u was an idea and now it has grown to a collaboration across the Atlantic Ocean!" ~ DI Daniel G Pressl, Founder of 2fast4u and PhD candidate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.



2fast4u is not "only" a high speed photography exhibition, but also an initiative for new education. Pioneered by Harold Edgerton, this photography, which combines science and art so beautifully, has inspired many students and people all over the world to look further and try to understand the unknown and that is what science is all about.

"Well, there has never been anything as big, so it must be the world's largest high speed photography exhibition!" ~ Bob Edgerton, Son of Harold Edgerton (2007)


NEW! Make your OWN!

We are working on setting up a new part of our website, which will offer an open-source description on how to build your own High-Speed Photography equipment. We recently built a Piddler for the Science Center in North Carolina, which featured a self-built LED-based strobotac.



Videos of our Piddler, High-Speed Videos, Videos from the exhibition in 2007,...here!



April 2007. Exhibition in Wolfsberg, Austria

May 2007 and January 2008. 2fast4u at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

July 2007 and  September 2007. 2fast4u in Koetschach Mauthen, Austria

April 2008. Exhibition at the Science Center in Hickory, North Carolina



2007. MIT Tech

2007. MIT Graduate Student News

2008. iPressl and the HTL Wolfsberg are building a piddler for the High Speed Photography Exhibition in NC (link).

2008. iPressl and the HTL Wolfsberg are working on a new concept for the Balloon-popping Object at the Edgerton Center in Aurora, Nebraska (link).



October 2007. Ukranian Photography Magazin: Photographer


2fast4u LINKS

Edgerton Center at MIT

Edgerton Center in Aurora Nebraska

Stiftsgymnasium St. Paul (Austria)

HTL Wolfsberg (Austria)

Bob Edgerton

Loren Winters

Martin Waugh

DI Daniel G Pressl

DI Daniel G. Pressl

Holding a Light bulb after a "Perfect Shot" (the Light bulb structure persists) in the Strobe Laboratory at the Edgerton Center at MIT, 2007.


is a PhD candidate in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), with a Materials Science Diploma from the Montanuniversität Leoben in Austria. He has worked in a variety of industries including the automotive industry, the biomaterials and medical implants sector and is now writing his thesis on electromagnetically-based welding techniques for the FORD – MIT alliance. Daniel owns his own company iPressl and is the founder of Redwired.org, a rapidly growing social networking site serving in a similar fashion as Facebook.com and Craigslist.org, but marketed specifically to Austrians. Furthermore, he is the CPO of the startup Aerogel Technologies, LLC working on new materials for the insulation market. In spring 2007 he was the organizer of 2fast4u, the Largest High Speed Photography Exhibition in the World, displaying more than 100 prints and more than a dozen interactives. Daniel is also an accomplished rock climber and speaks four languages fluently.


Find recent news and work on his blog: http://www.blog.ipressl.com

High-Speed Video

The Piddler (built at MIT)
a collaboration with the HTL Wolfsberg

This Piddler uses an LED-based strobotac, which was built at MIT in collaboration with two students from the HTL Wolfsberg (Bernhard Heine and Markus Dohr). It has been donated to the Hickory Museum of Art in Hickory, North Carolina.

Find a kit and a description how to make your OWN strobotac in our make your OWN section.


High Speed Video Compilation (filmed at MIT)

a collaboration with the HTL Wolfsberg Austria

Filmed at MIT in the Fall of 2007 in collaboration with two students from the HTL Wolfsberg (Bernhard Heine and Andreas Maier).


Opening of 2fast4u in Wolfsberg

Wolfsberg, 31st of March, 2007

Photos of the exhibition at www.redwired.org/2fast4u



1. First, consider buying an ok digital camera:

You need to make sure that the camera supports the "Bulb" function, which lets you keep the shutter open for an unlimited amount of time.

2. You need a good flash (in many experiments I have used a Vivitar Flash). For bullet photography, you need something called a "Microflash", because you need light only for a 1/1000000 of a second!

3. Now, here is the crucial part of the experiment: You need a so called "trigger" that will trigger the flash at the right time!

a. Optical Trigger (Laser)

b. Audio Trigger (Microphone)

c. Contact Trigger (can easily be manufactured with two sheets of Aluminum foil)

Feel free to contact (Contact or dipressl@ipressl.com) me with any questions regarding the triggers!

4. Set up the scene that you would like to photgraph (adjust focus, f-stops, ...).

5. Switch off the lights in the room.

6. Open the shutter (using the "Bulb" function).

7. Action! (Fire the bullet, paintball, or do anything else in your scene that will set off the trigger).

8. The flash will go off (probably not at the right time or maybe at the right time!).

9.  Close the shutter.

10. Switch the light back on in the room and study your captured High Speed Photograph.

11. Iterate point 4-10, until you have the right setup and delays for the trigger to capture the exact moment that you would like to photograph.

12. With some additional little investments you can make professional prints yourself!:


Have FUN!


Check back here for everything you need to know to build your own strobotac! - SOON!

You can also contact us and we will send you first steps to start building your own strobotac!:

Control Panel


LED Block (the Control Panel can be equipped with up to six LED Blocks)

See our Video Section for a video of the strobotac in action, built into a Piddler!



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Obmann of OTELO Wolfsberg

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