One of the World's Largest High Speed Photography Exhibitions

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We are working on setting up a new part of our website, which will offer an open-source description on how to build your own High-Speed Photography equipment. We recently built a Piddler for the Science Center in North Carolina, which featured a self-built LED-based strobotac.


Videos of our Piddler, High-Speed Videos, Videos from the exhibition in 2007,!


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"First, 2fast4u was an idea and now it has grown to  a collaboration across the Atlantic Ocean!" ~ DI Daniel G Pressl, Founder of 2fast4u and PhD candidate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

2fast4u is not "only" a high speed photography exhibition, but also an initiative for new education. Pioneered by Harold Edgerton, this photography, which combines science and art so beautifully, has inspired many students and people all over the world to look further and try to understand the unknown and that is what science is all about.

"Well, there has never been anything as big, so it must be the world's largest high speed photography exhibition!" ~ Bob Edgerton, Son of Harold Edgerton (2007)

Events Calender

April 2007. Exhibition in Wolfsberg, Austria

May 2007.  January 2008. 2fast4u at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

July 2007.  September 2007. 2fast4u in Koetschach Mauthen, Austria

April 2008. Exhibition at the Science Center in Hickory, North Carolina

Recent News

2007. MIT Tech

2007. MIT Graduate Student News

2008. iPressl and the HTL Wolfsberg are building a piddler for the High Speed Photography Exhibition in NC (link).

2008. iPressl and the HTL Wolfsberg are working on a new concept for the Balloon-popping Object at the Edgerton Center in Aurora, Nebraska (link).

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Recent Publications

October 2007. Ukranian Photography Magazin: Photographer

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Edgerton Center at MIT

Edgerton Center in Aurora Nebraska

Stiftsgymnasium St. Paul (Austria)

HTL Wolfsberg (Austria)

Bob Edgerton

Loren Winters

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DI Daniel G Pressl

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